Organizing Made SIMPLE

We all want easier ways to get things done. Think of the convenience of a lemon squeezer or the ease of turning on your Roomba and letting it roam free. Now, today, this moment, organizing is made SIMPLE too. All it takes is the use of this handy-dandy (bum bum ba dum!)... acronym!

Separate like-items. As you're organizing, think of your belongings in terms of their function or use and separate them accordingly. Put all of the similar items together and store them that way. By doing so, you will create "homes" for all of your goodies and you'll spend a lot less time searching when trying to find something specific.

Imagine using the item. This answers the "where does it go?" question. Just think of how and when you use the belonging that you're putting away and find a proper storage place accordingly. If you stumble upon an item that you would only use in the kitchen, put it away in a kitchen cabinet or drawer! Take a couple of seconds to picture yourself using the item being considered and you'll know just where it belongs.

Make piles. As you organize, create different piles based on where you want items to end up. If you are cleaning out a closet, you'll probably have a "donate," "throw away" and "give to a friend" pile. Keeping the piles neat will save lots of time when it comes to bagging them up and shipping them out. So don't let the stacks mesh into one massive mound.

Purge unwanted belongings. As you're organizing, consider whether or not you really need all of the items at hand. Remember that if you haven't used it in years, you most probably won't in the coming years. And sentimental items are beautiful in moderation - but the more you have, the less likely you are to look at them all. So be realistic in what you keep and what you get rid of. Don't be afraid to purge the unnecessary.

Label. As you're putting items away, make sure they are properly labeled so you'll know where to find them in the future. After all, we are creating long-term affects here. If you don't have a label maker, no worries! You can use a Sharpie marker, piece of paper and some tape to create your own label. And make sure you're being specific about what's in the storage container. Try your best to stay away from words like "miscellaneous" and "other."

End on a high note! Make sure you give yourself a pat on the back or a brownie point for getting one of your spaces organized. You deserve it for all of that hard work! Remember: the better the reward, the more likely you are to go for another round. So let the celebrations begin. Cheers!