Organizing Hacks for Your Teeny Tiny Closet


So you got a teeny tiny closet, eh? I've seen your type, I've met you before. Heck, I'm one of you.  The Small Closet Conundrum is common for people of all shapes and sizes, especially in NYC. (Because why would we want lots of space, a big open backyard, and a comfortable driveway when we can be living in the city that never sleeps despite loving sleep ourselves?) But there are solutions, my friend.

Hacks! Tricks! Tips!

But before we dive in, I must first preach about respect. Respecting your space and how many belongings it allows and wants you to have. Because if you disrespect that fundamental request, you will not live in harmony with your closet. Clothing on hangers will be difficult to see, piles will fall every time you reach for a sweater, and drawers will refuse to close and leave your room in automatic disarray. So, ya. I've got tricks but I'm no magician. Hone in on what you really need to keep and how much feels right. And then...

1) Utilize the back of your door. It's a storage mecca and the first place that I look to for added storage! It's a whole wall asking to be appreciated. There are so many things that you can do with it so add some hooks, store a whole bunch of shoes, or use it for panty storage if you wanna.

2) Add hooks to small walls. Got a sliver of space on a side wall? It doesn't have to be wasted! Add a stick-on hook and use it for belts, hats, or some jewelry. 

3) Take advantage of vertical space. I've been known to cut wood for shelf-building with a kitchen knife (no joke) because if there's vertical space to be used, I'm on it. Got a nice chunk of space at the top of your closet? Stick a shelf up there with some L brackets and a slab of wood. It can then be used for deeper-storage items like suitcases, out-of-season clothing, or sentimental keepsakes. 

4) Shuffle things around in between seasons. You know who doesn't have to stare at you every winter morning? Your pile of shorts, that's who. So store them behind your sweater pile when it's cold out and vice versa when it's the summer. Another good swapping pair are your tights/winter socks and bathing suits. When one comes in, the other goes out. 

5) Use thin hangers. ONLY! You'd seriously be surprised what a space-saving difference a good hanger can make. I can go on for days about how good they'll look and how they'll save you from visual clutter, but these fellows also take up less room! Less room means less frustration when trying to look through your rack of hanging clothing to find the right item.

You're welcome. 

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