How to: Organize Tupperware

I know I know I know. It's not fair. And I'm sorry. Storing Tupperware should not be as difficult as it is. Your collection of plastics and lids shouldn't take up an entire section in your kitchen. You shouldn't have to sacrifice a half hour of your life (you could be watching Jeopardy!) every time you attempt to match up a top to a bottom. But fear not, dear minion, I HAVE FOUND A BETTER WAY!

First things first, you don't need an excess of containers. You just don't. When will you need all of them at once? Did you have an entire army over for dinner and you're now sending them home with leftovers? (If you did, I salute you. And I apologize for my attitude.) Let's do a quick clean-out and take it from there. Throw out Recycle anything that doesn't have a lid. It's worthless - it's the broom without bristles. Chuck the gross and overused pieces too. Don't you dare get sentimental on me. Not here, not now. And now that that's out of the way, let's get organized!

The best way to store Tupperware is in a drawer. It makes it easier, trust me. This way you can pull out the drawer and avoid the inevitable 'Black Hole Effect.' So if you can devote a drawer to these suckers, awesome! If not, we can still make this work.

But first, let's match up all of the lids to the containers. But don't put the lids on - that's not the way we roll. Now stack some of the smaller containers into the bigger ones and keep all of the corresponding lids together. Once you've created your Tupperware matryoshka doll, we can start putting them away. Let's keep in mind which of the shapes we use the most often and have those the most accessible. Either stack the lids under the containers or to the side of the containers so you'll be able to match them up easily. How does it look?

It looks GREAT! Now once we've got these all organized, you're going to half to keep it that way. And the only way to do that is with discipline (and robots. But it's only 2013 - we're not there yet). Don't just shove your clean Tupperware into storage - it'll just get messy again. Take a few seconds to find your container's friends and stack 'em together correctly.

You're a good kid

Hell ya, I took this of myself. Ain't goin' deny it. Look at that neat stack!