Why Making Your Bed is a Must


If I could text each and every human as they wake up every morning, I would send a friendly reminder about the importance of bed making. It's one of those habits that will change you forever (like flossing and soaking your dishes). Here are some undeniably great reasons to start making your bed EVERY morning:

Productivity. In his book "The Power of Habit," Charles Duhigg says that making your bed is correlated with better productivity throughout the day. And we all want to be more productive, right?

Tidiness. A made bed will give your room an overall cleaner and peaceful feel. This will encourage tidiness when you're in there later and can transfer into cooperative behavior (think: putting your clothing away) when you undress after a long day.

Sleep. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has suggested that people sleep better when their room is clean and comfortable. Bed makers were more likely to get a good night's sleep on most days. And be honest, you love sleep.

Accomplishment. Consider making your bed a feat and you'll feel like a champ before you even step out the door.