Keep Your Washing Machine In Tip-Top Shape


I was recently chewing off the ear of an innocent washing machine repair specialist and he shared some golden tips with me. And what better way to exercise ideal washing machine care than share those tips with you, eh? Because after all, I don't have a machine of my own at this point in life and I don't think the laundromat owner would care very much to hear me preach. So, if you want your washing machine to be happiest, least smelly, and last the longest, read these:

1) Don't use too much detergent!!!! More bubbles do not mean that your clothing is going to come out cleaner! Too much detergent means soapy residue will be left in your clothing and your machine will suffer. A tablespoon and a half is all you need. Trust me. 

2) Use fabric softener. I would never tell you to buy something superfluous but fabric softener is a necessary part of the laundering process (according to the professional). Not only does it soften your clothing and help maintain their shape, it breaks down any soap residue left in your machine. And therefore lengthens its life! 

3) Too much soap will leave a mildewy smell. That's right. Overdoing the detergent will cause a mildewy smell to come out of your washing machine. You know who you are. Leaving the door closed in between cycles will do the same so do your best to keep the door open and allow the machine's inside to dry.

4) Clean your machine. Oh, the irony of cleaning a cleaning tool. So beautiful. But running a cycle with two cups of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda (put straight into the barrel of the machine when it's full of hot water) will clean it out. You're welcome. 

Tidy Tova2 Comments