Advice on: Pockets

I love pockets. I'm not much of a purse-user (this makes me less of a woman, for better or for worse), so I fully utilize my pockets on the daily. Often times by the end of the day,  I've got a world of goodies leaking out of my pants. My wallet, cell phone, groundscores (pennies, the occasional quarter, and one time a brand new, fully sealed Clif bar!), receipts, etcetera etcetera. Since I'm as tidy as they come, I'm fully aware of the treasures growing in my pockets. But I've learned that some people use their pockets as a trash can, dumping ground or storage unit. This realization brings me to today's lesson: EMPTY OUT YOUR POCKETS AT THE END OF THE DAY! How many times have you searched and searched for something only to realize that it was cuddled up in your coat pocket? Too many times, I bet. But if you get into the habit of emptying out your pockets on the daily, THIS WON'T HAPPEN! Like, it really won't. It won't be possible. I'll list off a couple more devastating pocket-related threats in case you're still not convinced. The Dreaded Tissue-in-the-Dryer - It's happened to you and I know it. You left a tissue in your pocket and it turned into a thick white snow in your dryer. All of your clean clothing is covered in tissue residue. Sucks! But alas, the obvious solution would have been to empty out those pockets.

Melted Gum - Melted gum! You didn't even know that gum melts until you found a smothered, sticky piece of old gum in the depths of your pocket. Heck, you had no idea that piece was even there. You wish you could eat it but it's too stuck to your coat and now the tips of your fingers. Once again, if the gum wasn't forgotten about, it wouldn't have caused this whole mess. Empty. Those. Pockets.

Is that a Pocket or a Trash Can? - Mmmmhmmmm. You were walking down the street and some random guy tried to throw his trash out INTO YOUR POCKET. When you asked him what in the world he was doing, he told you that 'o, I'm so sorry. I thought that was a garbage can.' If you treat your pockets like a trash can, other people may too. Take out that trash at the end of the day and keep those pockets looking like pockets, for heaven's sake.

Where's My... - The more you allow to grow in your pockets, the more time it will take to find that specific item on the average Tuesday afternoon. Locating your debit card may start to feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Every time you think you've got it, it's just another business card that some guy gave you three years ago that you should have chucked right away. Pockets are there for your convenience, not to bring more confusion to your life. I shall say it again! Don't let them get out of control. Keep those pockets in check or they'll start to haunt you. Need I say more?