How to Whiten those Yellowed Whites


Memorial Day is a comin' right up and that means you're probably prepping that grill and the ENTIRE WHITE OUTFIT that you plan on wearing. There's no better way to welcome the summer than whipping out the garb that screams fresh and so clean (clean). While you troll through your whites to create the best combination, you may happen upon some stains leftover from last year. Some of those stains may be yellow (sigh, you get it). This totally ruins the outfit you planned in your head - yellow blotches were NOT a part of the brilliance. But wait! It's only Friday so you have all weekend to restore those whites and get them back to that crisp, shiny state. Let's hold off on our hamburger-prep for now. I'll tell you about the two best ways to clean those stains and secure that you'll have the most fab Memorial Day outfit.

1) OxiClean - There are few exaggerations made about the power of Oxi. It's Godsent. But when it comes to the deeply-rooted stains (hehem armpit stains), you'll need a good overnight soak. Create a nice bath for those whites and tuck them in before you head to bed. You can toss them in the washing machine (cold water!) come morning and BAM your whites are white again. Note: extra tough stains may need some minor scrub-action before you begin the soak. You can do this with a toothbrush or just by rubbing the fabric against itself.

2) Hydrogen Peroxide + Baking Soda + Water - We love creating our own potions so here's a fun one. Create a thick solution using one part of each and use this to scrub the stains out. You can leave the solution on your clothing and then run it in that washing machine (again, cold water!).  See? Miracles can happen.

That's it. You're wardrobe-prepped and I'm sure you'll be the belle of the ball. And if you drip some ketchup onto that super white shirt, you know what to do. Everyone else at your BBQ will love you for it.