How to Pack a Suitcase Like a Reasonable Human Being


Heavy, messy, overstuffed, disorganized suitcases absolutely blow so let's break the habit for once and for all. It's never convenient to be the traveler who drags behind, sweating and battling their suitcase. You know who you are. And gosh, if you're that person on the plane, trying to jam their bag into the overhead luggage compartment, everyone will hate you. So follow these tips to help your next trip go down smoothly and with all of the right outfits, easily located in your pack. It will be glorious. 

1) Plan out outfits using versatile pieces. Multi-purpose items are key when it comes to packing, so grab those basic pants that can be dressed up or down. Lay 'em out on your bed and pair them with a couple of tops. Be ruthless! You can treat yourself and throw in an item or two that are more jazzy and exciting but keep those down to a minimum and focus on versatility. Accessories, which tend to be smaller, are good tools to add on for excitement. Just keep the clothing more basic, please.

2) Store toiletries in a clear plastic pouch. Clear is always the way to go so grab a clear tote or two and corral your toiletries items into it. This way you can easily see what's inside and the plastic can be wiped down when it's time to be unpacked and stored away for the next trip. Also, everything will be together and easy to access when you gotta brush those pearly whites at the end of the day. 

3) Do not travel with trash! Make sure your suitcase is empty from all trash, old receipts, and any other shenanigans that may have been left in there from the past trip. There's nothing worse than unzipping a pocket only to find a bathing suit that was left - wet - in your suitcase for the last few months. Start with a clean slate every time and if you want bonus points, don't put trash into your suitcase at all ever.

4) Keep categories together and create piles as neatly as you can. Instead of just throwing everything into your bag, make sure to fold all of your clothing and roll anything that will get super wrinkled. Keep items together by type (pants in one pile, t-shirts together, etc.) or pack based on outfits, whatever feels best for you. 

5) Use shoes for storage. The insides of shoes are great for small items like chargers, wires, or hair electronics. If you're really looking to maximize space, don't underestimate the power of the room inside your shoes - it can go a long way!

6) Store small items and accessories in a mesh bag or shoe bag. To prevent panties from exploding out of your suitcase when you open it, store them inside a mesh or shoe bag. Again, this keeps the entire collection together and makes for easy access and no rummaging. Throw your socks/bathing suits in with your undergarments and get another bag going for loose items like chargers, your adapter kit, and extra batteries (is that a thing?). Pouches are an organized packer's best friend.

7) Pour beauty products into travel size containers. There's no need to shlep around a big bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and face wash! Take advantage of smaller bottles and transfer the goods into them before you hit the plane. Slap a label on the outside and you're good to go. No shampoo in your eyes and way less weight being carried around.


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