Food for Thought: Sentimental Items


Sentimental items are one of the hardest collections to curate and reasonably maintain. After all, old projects, birthday cards, love letters and concert tickets spike wonderful memories and serve as reminders of the "good ol' days." They tell you that you weren't always the boring, wilted old person that your aching knees and 10pm bedtime suggest. You used to be cool! And do fun things! Ya, you did. But there's simply no need to have proof of it all. Especially proof that's sitting on the top of the closet in the room you grew up in, collecting dust and slowly crumbling away. Delving into the sentimental lives of others is taboo and super touchy (I would know), but I'm going to do it because I'm fearless. I want you to consider this first and foremost:

The more sentimental items you hold on to, the less likely you are to look at any of them.

I say that at the risk of deeply ripping at your heartstrings and giving you a reason to scorn me. But let out that gasp. Allow the horrified shock to pass. You agree with me now, don't ya? I knew you would.

Try to edit those sentiments down to one plastic container. It can even be a large container if need-be. And instead of chucking everything in there into one, drama-infused mound, divide the items up by type. Plastic folders are a fab way to contain the various collections of cards, letters, old ticket stubs and meaningful papers. Smack a label on the front of the folder for maximum tidiness and you'll feel super proud of yourself.

Most importantly, though, is to be mindful of what you choose to hold to. Moderation is key. Remember my somewhat-offensive mantra and I have no doubt that you'll keep things in check.