Cleaning Schedule for the Non-Cleaner

Finally! A cleaning schedule that speaks to you. If tidiness doesn't come naturally to you per se, don't worry! That's where I come in. I put together this incredibly realistic schedule for you to keep those really important cleanliness tasks in check. These chores are the vital ones - those that will take you from mess to tidiness. Now this may be one of the most generous gifts I've handed to you. I mean, an expectation to hang up your clothing every other day? Nicest thing I've ever done.

Take a look at the schedule. Print it out. Hang it on your fridge. Tattoo it to your forearm. Gift it to a friend. But remember, this isn't a FULL cleaning schedule. One of those is coming your way. If you thought I was going to let you off not cleaning your toilet...

Today is the day that you convert to clean. You can do this. I promise.