Cleaning for the Fashionable

Men People always feel inclined to ask me what I wear while I clean. I get it. I'm young, tall, hip, vivacious... This can lead one's mind to wander and come up with all sorts of fantasies. The options are endless when thinking about what such a fashionable young lady wears on the job! I used to answer with a banal, 'shorts and a t-shirt. Nothing special.' And it always seemed to be such a letdown! 'Why?' I wondered 'why? why? why?' I've always been attracted to fashion. I love the creativity in it and the tactile aspect of the industry.  So over the last few months, I have taken classes at The Fashion Institute of Technology.  All of my time draping, sewing, pinning, drawing and creating has led me to spend a lot of time thinking about how to be fashionable even while cleaning. I now fully understand the importance of color selections, fit of a garment, price points and overall aesthetic. There's no reason to throw on a dinky outfit while you mop your floors. It's no wonder that people weren't impressed with my answer - fashion exists ALWAYS. Now let's get fashionable, lady!

1. Anthropologie Kelp & Coral Apron, $32: Aprons are the ultimate fashion move. Not only will they keep your clothing clean, they look delightful! Who doesn't love a woman in an apron?

2. Glamorous Boston Warehouse Gloves, $16.59: Here's to taking the boring and making it exciting. Nice move, Boston Warehouse.

3. Pylon Dustpan, $47: Love this! It's funny, clever, colorful. And look at the dress on that princess, that's one fabulous bustle.

4. O-Cel-O Pattern Sponges, $6.88/6 pack: O-Cel-O really works hard to create beautiful sponges and I salute them for it. These will make scrubbing more colorful and therefore more fun.

5. Dansko Clogs, $125: I love Dansko clogs. Not only are they incredibly comfortable (doctors and chefs wear them since they spend so much time on their feet), they're cool! My personal favorite are the red patent leather.

Keep in mind: clashing patterns are trendy so there's no need to worry if your gloves don't match your apron, don't match your sponges, don't match your shoes.

Happy shopping, you trendy cleaner, you.