A Tinder Lesson in Tidying


In an effort to get to the bottom of what people don't absolutely love about cleaning, I conducted a survey amongst the wonderful Tinder community. Since collecting Tinder matches is barely a challenge (after all, I'm undeniably desirable and guys generally use the "like every chick" technique), I quickly attained a selection of males (aged 25-31 within 11 miles of my radius) to attack. I was set on my goal and not looking for mindless chatter (ie to message with guys who take topless selfies or even worse, post pictures sitting on that freakin Game of Thrones chair). So I jumped right in: "What's your least favorite thing to clean and why?" No, no. I don't want to entertain your shenanigans and I most definitely won't go on a date you. But thanks for taking the time to answer me. After weeding through the vulgar, lame, or completely off-topic responses, I was able to learn a thing or two. Survey says...the bathroom is the most dreaded place to clean because ugh, it smells. Assuming the males on Tinder who are close by represent the average person and their opinion (is that a legitimate assumption? Let's say so for argument's sake), bathrooms are not too enjoyable to clean. Good news! There are a few ways to keep your bathroom clean with minimal effort. Here goes...

1) Keep some disinfecting wipes under your sink and grab one for a super quick surface wipe down at the end of the day or when you're bored in there (this may sound crazy but toilet time is a great time to grab a wipe and reach for the local areas. Admit it: we all need stimulation in the bathroom, anyway). The more often you wipe, the less buildup you'll have. Wipe. Often.

2) Pimp out your toilet bowl with a cleaner that sets off every time you flush. It's almost a joke how awesome and helpful these things are. They'll conquer the dreaded ring around and ward off bacteria and what not. With no effort on your part!

3) Use a plug in air freshener to keep things smelling lovely in there. These work hard while you lean back and reap the benefits. A sure way to avoid that putrid smell that can turn you off to your bathroom entirely.

4) Spray your shower walls with this magical potion after each use. It will leave your shower clean (and smelling awesome!) without the scrubbing - fight mold and buildup! Legitimately a dream come true.

But most of all, don't leave toothpaste globs in the sink - they'll get hard and crusty (which makes them harder to clean) and no one needs to see that. Gross.

Thanks, Tinder, for all of your help. See you boys out there - stay tidy.

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