5 Things You Should Have Chucked Yesterday


We all hold on to things that we know we don't need. Sometimes, for some reason, it's really tough to let go of certain items and we incorporate them deep into our lives, to the point that we may even forget they exist. That usually means such belongings fall into deep storage or to the bottom of a stack of things you actually use and need. But nu uh. No, no. Today is the last day. 

Heck, even I've been guilty of this one. I reconsider and purge my clothing a couple of times a month and my Keens have made their way through the cracks for years. I bought them in 2011 for a trip to South East Asia and I haven't worn them since. But for five years I held on to them for the potential water hike that I was going to go on. You know, the one that I've been on multiple times since 2011 but chose to wear other shoes to because I absolutely hate the way Keens look. If the off chance to wear them came around, I still wouldn't choose them and would rather go barefoot. And that realization was key. It gave me the power to take a deep breath and say goodbye this past weekend. And guess what? I haven't looked back and never will.

If something specific comes to mind, allow today to be your chance to let it go. Tell me what it is so my heart can burst! Like my good ol' nerdy but oh-so-practical Keens. Take the plunge. You'll feel great on the other side. And if nothing specific comes to mind, here are some things that should have gotten the boot yesterday. So no more excuses.

1) Broken appliances and electronics. Since broken items are essentially dead weights, get rid of them as soon as you can! You will save yourself sweat, tears, and valuable storage space. I know it's hard to admit that you spent money on something and it should have lasted but didn't. But face the reality and adjust accordingly. That means saying "sayonara."  

2) Uninspiring birthday cards. You know those generic birthday cards that people simply sign and hand over? There's nothing special about those and your collection can get out of hand if you hold on to each one. So get rid of the cards that don't have meaningful messages inside and keep your sentimental items in check

3) Worn down and destroyed shoes. Shoes (and underwear) have this sneaky way of forming a strong attachment to their owner, making them hard to get rid of. But the bright side is that a worn down shoe means lots of wear occurred. So if the damage is beyond repair, appreciate the time well spent and let the shoes go. Another wonderful pair will come into your life. 

4) Receipts and deposited checks. You know who you are if you collect receipts for no reason and refuse to chuck checks that have been deposited. And you know what lies beneath those unnecessary papers? Fear. Fear and nothing but! So if you've got a collection of faded, shriveled up receipts and deposited checks in your night table, stop the habit today and rid yourself of them. Smile. 

5) Freebies and samples. If you're faced with a pile of random knick knacks and samples that you got for free and find yourself making excuses as to why you're holding on to them, say no more! Unless you have a clear and immediate use for the item or system for using up your samples (travel or a weekly sample trial night, for example), they will become staples in your collection of unnecessary belongings. Which can grow and grow if you don't let go. So, let go!

I know it's scary. But I'm so proud of you and have no doubt that you'll feel better if you rid your life of these items. So much so that I'm willing to promise positive results. PROMISE.