One Tidy Task for Every Room in Your House


It’s the middle of January and therefore too cold to go out and have fun. Let’s be real: there’s really no reason to do anything but nest this time of year so just embrace it. And what better way to keep yourself entertained at home than tidiness?! (Netflix? Nah.) If you’re totally overwhelmed by the status of your home’s organization, don’t be. Just play along and conquer one tidy-related task for every room in your house. You’ll be a better man by the time spring comes.

1) The Kitchen: go through your pantry and purge any old/crusty/gross food. Easy.

2) The Bedroom: say goodbye to any single socks. Today is the day!

3) The Bathroom: treat yourself to a spa night and use up a bunch of samples. Throw away the rest for extra bonus points because those things will only bog you down

4) The Living Room: chuck any old magazines. Right now!

5) The Dining Room: reconsider your table linens and let go of anything uninspiring or stained. They're not cute.

6) The Office: collect any loose wires, triage them, and determine whether or not you need them. Chuck any duplicates or mystery wires. If you haven't used them until now, you won't in the future. 

7) The Linen Closet: take a look through your extra linen and towels and make sure all sets are folded and together. Like-items are a team!

8) The Other Bathroom: go through the medicine cabinet and make sure the items that you use are front and center. Anything that you use infrequently should be the least accessible.

9) The Garage/Storage Room: whip out those sentimental keepsakes and let go of the ones that no longer feel special. Bye, Felicia!

10) The Basement: throw away any trinket-y, stupidly small and clutter-y toys. Less is more when it comes to playthings.

Tidy Tova