Here's What to Do if You're Moving

It's moving season and I know that for sure because my feet are hurting extra from all of the unpacking jobs I've been doing. It's the best! But if you're the one moving, it's kind of the worst. We all know it and feel bad for you. But hopefully you're moving to something bigger and better than where you're at now so at least there's that. Here are some things to do and keep in mind - they're sure to make your move a breeeeeeeze. 


Purge before you pack! 

Please please please please do not move with things you don't need. It's literally wasted energy and time and money. Do your best to systematically purge as or before you pack and use this opportunity as one to bring out the iron fist. Keep in mind that some charities will send you free shipping labels to mail in your donations and there are companies that will sell your unwanted stuff and give you money for it. 


Prep with the right supplies.

There's nothing worse than gearing up to pack and not having the right supplies to keep going. Make sure you're fully loaded with: boxes, packing tape, thick sharpies, big and small Ziplock bags, a pair of scissors, and newspaper/packing paper. If you can, try to forage boxes from your your building's trash room, curbs, or supermarkets - there are too many boxes in this world.


Pull out any must-haves and pack them separately.

Consider this box the most important and label it as such. Or if you're feeling extra careful, place these things aside and haul them to the new place yourself. Things like your kids favorite toys, important baby bottles, laptops and passports - you know, all of the good stuff - go in here. 


Corral anything small and piece-like into a Ziplock bag. 

The contents of drawers are a great example here. Instead of just throwing them into a box and letting everything fall between the crevices of everything else, contain it all in a large Ziplock bag (shopping bags work too). Think: night table drawer, junk drawer, various kitchen drawers, etc. 


Work systematically. 

This can be the tricky part but it's essential to stay focused and complete one area before moving on to the next. Start with the areas in your home that are accessed the least and get everything into boxes. Move along, room by room, shelf by shelf, one area at a time and keep your goals small so they don't feel incredibily overwhelming. Keep a running checklist if it'll help!



Do. Not. Get. Lazy about labeling! Make sure every box specifies what room it goes to and what's inside. Get as detailed as you can without losing your mind. If you're setting aside multiple days or weeks to unpack, get even more detailed so you can find what you're looking for in a pinch. You'll thank yourself big time. 

Tidy Tova