5 Ways to Get Organized TODAY


Because it doesn't have to be so tough.

If you want to trick yourself, others, and the tidy gods into thinking that you're a Tidiness All-Star, just do these five things today. Heck, do them tomorrow and the next day if you need some breathing room. Fake it till you make it but let's make it because I promise you'll feel great when you do. 

1) Clean out your underwear drawer. A small and manageable task for a beginner of the purge process, welcome this challenge with open arms. Take everything out of your underwear drawer (or wherever you keep them ol' things) and "yay" or "nay" each and every item. Throw away any trash that made its way in there and clearly doesn't belong (clothing tags, anyone?). Then organize them using these tricks. Panty party! 

2) Wash your shower liner. This thing can handle the wash cycle and the outcome will blow your mind. Moldy? No more. Water stains? Think again. So treat your liner to a cycle. But don't dry it that will be a disaster.

3) Throw out 10 pieces of paper. We've all got too many papers in life and majority of them don't need to be held on to, anyway (instruction manuals, I'm talking to you). So go foraging around your home for ten pieces of paper that you can deem trash. Ten! That's only as many fingers as you have! 

4) Chuck expired food. Take a look in your fridge or pantry and throw away any food that's been living in there for far too long and may or may not have bacterial cities living inside of it.  Feeling lighter yet?

5) Declutter your bookshelf. Books stacked horizontally on top of books? Not ok. Books lined up like soldiers? Muy bueno. Take a few minutes to give your bookshelf a facelift (here's how!) and remove any tchotchkes that may have made their way onto it. They don't look good there. Let books be books, man. 

And one for good luck because you're on a roll and can almost be considered King O' Tidy! 

6) Jot down tomorrow's to-do list. Because how will you be extra productive? If you've got a clear list of the things that you want to accomplish. Here are some tips on how to write the most perfect to-do list and don't forget to throw a tidy activity onto it for the win!