How to: Wash Your Dishes Like an Environmentalist

Slide1 I've been putting together the perfect recipe using two of my favorite things - dishwashing and saving Mother Earth. I've created one delicious cocktail and you can make it yourself TODAY. All you need are dirty dishes, a sponge, some dish soap, a sink and a love for Gaia (insert peace sign here). If you want to save water while washing dishes, get that sponge all sudsy and while the water is off, scrub a bunch of dishes, leaving them soapy in the sink or in a pile to the side of the sink. Then turn the water on and rinse each one. Turn the water back off while you scrub down the next batch of dishes and repeat until all of the dishes are clean and soap-free. You see what you did there? You didn't keep that precious water running and your great-great-great-grandchildren will thank you for it.