tidiness renovation

the process

This white-glove service will take your closet or room (or entire house!) and give it the major facelift it deserves. While you’re out, we’ll come assess the space, take proper measurements and come up with a game plan tailored to you. A proposal will pop into your inbox and you’ll be clicking “confirm” faster than you knew you could. Each and every cabinet and drawer will be wiped down and dusted and refilled with the items that belong there, neatly contained in the ideal organization products. So when you walk through the door, your new space will make you feel lighter and transformed. It’s the Tidiness Renovation that you’ve been dreaming of.


kitchen renovations

Does prepping dinner take twice as long because it involves battling your kitchen? Are spices falling on your head and ingredients getting lost in the backs of cabinets? Say no more! It’s time to turn your kitchen into the ideal version of itself. We’ll create the perfect flow so you can seamlessly and efficiently prepare meals, find a proper and intuitive resting home for every dish, appliance, and ingredient, and ensure that everything is properly labeled so everyone in your home can maintain the organization. Every cabinet and drawer will be cleaned and we’ll finally say goodbye to the appliances that are simply taking up real estate (ice cream maker, anyone?). You’ll be hosting dinner parties in no time!


closet renovations

Imagine a closet where everything is categorized so you know exactly where to find those pants that you want to wear, a space so breezy that you can see everything you own, and systems so seamlessly in place that putting your clothing away at the end of the day doesn’t feel like a chore. You and your wardrobe deserve a closet that is beautiful, tidy, and a pleasure to look at. I’ll identify which products and bins will help you maximize every nook and cranny and ensure that each article of clothing has a proper resting place. So next time you’re giving a tour of your apartment, you’ll make sure to include your closet and humbly brag about how responsible you are.