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We begin with a phone conversation or email correspondence to discuss your issues and needs. Goals are set, visions are created and the inspiration begins to flow. Next, I come to your space and further discuss the situation before jumping in. If you're ready, we get going right away and start organizing. We work together to create systems that work for you based on your lifestyle and visions. We establish practical ways to use your space and create systems that you can maintain. And your life instantly feels different.

Closet Organization

It's important to consider how to put things away and avoid letting your closets turn into danger zones. We delve into how you interact with your belongings and how often you do so. Then we work together to put things away, maximize the storage space and make everything easy-to-access.

Space Optimization

There are endless tricks and techniques for maximizing space in an orderly fashion. We work together to find these spaces and use them accordingly. This often involves moving furniture and storage units to create the most space and give your home a facelift.



I help you pack up your belongings systematically and efficiently in ways that will help out when unpacking. We make sure to clearly label everything and pack up based on priority and need. On the other end, I find the best way to unpack into your new space, creating an organized baseline that you can maintain. 


Don't let your belongings bog you down! I help you decide what you need to save, how you can reduce pile-ups and excess, and what you will want in the future. Then, we create systems for storing what remains and methods for disposing of the rest. Thrift shops, consignment shops and recycling bins will become our best friends.