Under the Bed Storage

I'm afraid to ask what lies under your bed. Not just because of the potential ghosts and crocodiles, but because I fear that it's a storage disaster. A respite for lost socks, dust balls, and items you don't want to look at anymore. Let's brave this one together. Get down on your belly, reach out your arms and let's tidy up under your bed. Under the bed is a great place for storage, especially if you live in a small space. But it's important to do this right and not allow it to become a black hole. This is where a storage bag or two will come in handy. Personally, I keep extra sheets, past crafting projects (I made a hideous blouse in my sewing class last semester. Fun!), and some more art-related items in mine. They're all safe from dust and easily accessible (the bag comes with a handle so one foul swoop pulls it right out). I've got a queen-sized bed though, so I have lots more room for storage. Let's take advantage of that space back there. Here's where I keep suitcases or overnight bags, some camping gear and seasonal items. These are things that I need to access every so often. They may not be the easiest to reach, but attainable with a simple stretch of the arm.

Once you've swept and run a mop through the space under your bed, sit down and think about what belongings you don't need to look at day to day. Sentimental memory items, seasonal home decor, suitcases or old appliances are good examples. But take advantage of the perimeter of this space for items that you want easier access to like shoes, bulky sweaters (if they don't fit in your closet) or extra towels and sheets. And go buy a bag! You don't want that stuff getting full of dust.

Here's what my bag looks like:


Now consider that inspiration and get tidy!