Time-Management for the Poorly Time-Managed (Part Uno)

"I'd rather be fifteen minutes early than two minutes late," said Tidy Tova to herself. Time-management is something that we all deal with every single day. We have appointments to get to, we have goals to accomplish, and we have Tinder dinner dates on tap. It's important to keep your day flowing smoothly and not to keep people waiting. I can respect some occasional fashionable lateness but if you're constantly tardy or rushing to get out of the house on time, you may need some help managing your time better.


I have compiled some tips for those that may need them. Or for those that enjoy reading anything and everything.

- Plan Ahead. At the end of each day, think about what you have planned for tomorrow and mentally walk through the day. Consider where you have to go and what you will need with you. Pick out your clothing the night before, pack up your bag or briefcase before you head to bed and make sure you have addresses and directions written down (if need-be). Try to have as much as possible tackled ahead of time so you can avoid rushing to get somewhere.

- Establish a safe and obvious place for important belongings. So much time can be lost searching for missing belongings. Keep your keys on a hook by the door, leave your wallet and bag in a consistent, easy-to-access spot and place your phone in your back pocket or on a coffee table to avoid a fall between the cracks (literally. In couch terms.)

- Be realistic about how long your tasks and appointments will take. This is super important if you like to have full days and want to stay on time (YOU SHOULD WANT TO BE ON TIME). When planning your schedule, add at least fifteen minutes to the amount of time that you think a task will take. This includes getting where you need to be and the actual task. Like I say, it's way better to be early than late. By giving yourself that cushion time, you'll learn not to overschedule and will still be on time even if something minor comes up (an untied shoe, for example).

- Schedule the harder-to-achieve goals during your peak energy time. I, personally, am a morning person. So upon waking up, I work to get as much accomplished as possible. I try to achieve the day's most important goals before lunchtime since that's when I work best. If you're not sure what time of day you work best, experiment a bit! Trial and error is often the best way to learn something.

Improving your time-management takes practice. But hey, so do most skills. You can get there, just keep your head in the game.

Work on mastering these and there are more time-management tips to come! Imagine if all noses were watches.

Photo on 7-25-13 at 10.58 AM