Tidy Tip

R6-1 To all of those New Yawkers out there, I got a good, simple trick for you. Did you know that even numbered streets generally head East and odd numbered streets generally head West? That's right! It's that easy.


If you're not a taxi driver or commuter, you may think this knowledge doesn't pertain to you. But I can assure you that it will come in handy one day. Somehow. And anyway, there's no hard in gaining some basic knowledge, right? Now, keep in mind that this is a general rule. We all know that there are exceptions to every rule. So don't get all phresh on me and start listing the streets that are two-way or that break this rule. Because I'm aware. But next time you're strolling down an avenue, take some time to notice what street you're on and which was the "One Way" sign is facing. You'll feel super informed.