The Tidy LoveStyle


Va-va-va-Valentine's Day! The perfect time to focus on those you care about and hand out kisses and cover everything in hearts. Now don't get too stuck on whether or not you have a significant other. Cupid only wants you to be happy.

LOVE! Organizing! Let's combine those two wonderful things to create a potion that will whip you right into shape. I shall call it...The Tidy Lovestyle

Here's what you need:

1) Matching Hangers. Creating harmony in your closet starts with taking away visual clutter. Matching hangers do exactly that and are the jumpstart to organization. Worth the investment!

2) Drawer Dividers. These guys are imperative for underwear storagekitchen and desk drawers or storing small accessories (think: hair ties and bobby pins in your medicine cabinet). Separate items by type to keep things from getting mixed up and allowing for easy access.

3) Metro Shelving. The best and easiest way to maximize space in your storage unit or garage comes from this wonderful system. Place less-used items higher up and use the most accessible shelves for belongings that you use most often.

4) Command Hooks. Utilizing space often means adding hooks to small pieces of wall or in closet nooks. Explore your space and think about where a hook will help you out - by the front door for your tote, behind your closet door for scarves or on a closet wall for belts. And now install!

4 simple ingredients. Who would have known that the combination could be so delicious? And tidy and harmonious and inspiring and LOVEly?!