The Great Mop Debate

I'm an expert, genius, a master when it comes to mop knowledge. I know what you're thinking - my knowledge goes way beyond the mop. You're exactly right, my little one. Keep those comments coming.  But today, like every other day, I want to spread my knowledge on to you. And to help you decide which mop is the best mop. Is it The Dreadlock type? The Sponge style? Or The Oversized-Rag variety? Here are some images to help you understand my wonderful descriptions: 1) The Dreadlock Mop (more like the 'Dreaded Mop')

dreadlock mop

2) The Sponge Mop (Woot! Woot!)


3) The Oversized-Rag Mop (I borderline don't even see the logic in this one)


Which do you think is the best mop? You've got a 33.3% chance of getting this right.

The answer is...The Sponge mop! Now let's break it down.

First things first. The dictionary describes a mop as "a bundle of coarse yarn, a sponge, or other absorbent material, fastened at the end of a stick or handle for washing floors, dishes, etc." Imagine using a mop to wash dishes - hilarious! Not sure what the dictionary was thinking. But anyway, it seems like all of the contestants fit this description.

So why the sponge? Those dreadlocks look so cool, why can't they win the contest?

The Sponge mop works best for a number of reasons:

1) As opposed to the others, it's the easiest to ring water out of. This makes for a better cleaning of the mop and therefore shinier floors. If your mop ain't clean, your floors ain't gonna be.

2) Unlike The Dreadlock mop, it's easiest to pluck hairballs and dustballs off The Sponge mop. Hairs get caught in the dreads and end up falling off the mop and onto your floors. Again, leaving the floors far from squeaky clean. But with the sponge mop, if you flip it over a couple of times throughout the cleaning, you can just swipe the dirt off the sponge and get your mop back to its clean state.

3) Most sponge mops come with a scrubby sponge section. This is great for those tougher-to-clean spots on your floor. Like the marinara sauce that spilled last week and has since crusted over (It happens to the best of you. But not to me.). This small addition gives loads of brownie points to our favorite mop.

So next time you're buying a mop for yourself or a loved one, keep this in mind and Go Sponge!