The Best Places to Purge

Disclaimer: I don't mean it like that. One of my favorite words is "purge." One of my favorite phrases is "Purge! Purge! Purge!" You get the point. Getting rid of the excess and things that we don't need is one of the first vital steps when getting organized. But purging means you are left with what you've determined you no longer want. Obvi! Here's the best way to complete the process depending on what you're going for.

During the purge-process, separate the items by category depending on where you want them to end up. Keep garbage bags or large shopping bags on hand and label them before you get going. For example, some things may be for "donation" (cue the label) while some items may be "to sell." Carefully place the items in the correct bags as you move along.

And now! There are lots of different ways to rid yourself of these things and free yourself of them FOREVER! To be separated by category.


You can always drop items off at a thrift shop near you but there are a couple of organizations that will pick up from your home. Keep in mind that it can take a couple of weeks to schedule a pickup. But my, oh my, it's so convenient!

1) The Salvation Army - because you gotta support an organization whose catchphrase is "DOING THE MOST GOOD."

2) Vietnam Veterans of America - choose your state and get going pronto!


1) Crossroads Trading Co. - you can sell seasonal items here as long as they're clean and fashionable (the buyers tend to be picky about brands and trends). They give you 35% cash back on the spot or 50% credit to the store. A great way to recycle your unwanted clothing and keep it alive.

2) Buffalo Exchange - here too your clothing needs to be stain-free and follow the current trends (but buyers' decisions sometimes seem arbitrary). For 30% cash back or 50% credit to the stores, Buffalo Exchange is a good bet. They will also donate whatever they don't buy from you so this place is a one-stop shop.

3) Consignment Shops - these are located all over the place and there are likely to be a few in your area. Consignment works particularly well for more expensive or designer items. Keep in mind that the clothing has to be in near-perfect condition to even be considered. Also, you won't immediately receive cash for what you're selling (you only get paid for items once they sell).


Since everything exists on the internet, there are obviously awesome sites for selling or trading clothing located on the interweb. Below are a few of my favorites.

1) Bib + Tuck - you can barter here and trade unwanted goods for something more enticing. The site created their own currency which you can acquire by selling your own things. Since the site is mainly used by fashionistas, it's a fun way to find cool things that the sellers style and show you how to wear.  It's the best to shop without spending real money!

2) Threadflip -  upload pics of what you want to sell, set a price, and WHAM! You'll get notified when one of your items sells, receive a shipping label and get paid (minus 20% commission that goes to the site). Super easy to use.

3) Asos Marketplace - the nice thing here is that you can sell to anyone in the world and therefore reach a larger market. Also, ASOS only takes a 5% commission which is truly unbeatable.


1) Socialisting - this is like Craig's List only with a smaller network of people that you are connected to (but not necessarily directly). It's a great hub for passing furniture, clothing or unwanted belongings to people who will appreciate them.

2) Facebook - there are loads of groups on Facebook where you can connect with people in your area. One of the best uses for these groups is giving away things you don't want but know people will appreciate.

Now how in the mood are you to go clean out your closet??