The Best Father's Day Gift

It's Father's Day. And like, every single father (or is it every male to have ever roamed planet Earth?) totally loves everything related to tools, right? Whether or not we support stereotypes is irrelevant. But let's use today as a wonderful opportunity to work off the "dads love tools" assumption and talk about my favorite toolbox! Personally, I have a tool-loving father who also happens to be one of the tidiest people I know. So, Daddy, this one goes out to you. Happy Father's Day! simple toolbox

It's simple. It's practical. It's yellow (which will help alert those around you that it's FIX IT TIME). But best of all, it's your key to tool tidiness. This toolbox has a tray insert where you can keep the tools that you need to access more often (Phillips screwdriver, anyone?) and a section on the bottom for those larger tools or those that you don't use as much. But my favorite part about it are the removable mini storage containers on top. These are ideal for the hardware knick knacks that run the risk of getting lost inside the box. Divvy up the hardware by type (bolts in one section, screws in another, etc.) and it'll be a pleasure every time you have to hang up a picture frame...or fix the kitchen sink...or build a house. Hey, I'm not judging your tool-use. Happy Father's Day and remember, safety first.

Here's a picture of me with my very tidy father. He's taking apart (with his electric saw, obvi) the jungle gym that he built us with his very own hands. Twas a sad day.

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