Take it from the Top!

January 2nd. The first non-hungover day of the new year. It's time to embrace that fresh, clean slate and start all over again. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. LET'S TEAR DOWN THE TOWN! In honor of today's new beginning, I'm going to talk about a simple, easy, and incredibly useful life lesson. That is:


I'll start with an anecdote: It's time to clean your kitchen and you're in conquer mode. To start, you head towards your stove top and start to feverishly scrub away at the crusty food bits, slowly revealing the sparkling metal surface underneath. You feel good. Positive results are everywhere and the stove top has never looked so clean. As you carefully place the tea kettle on the metal range, representing the finish to a job well done, you look up. You see the microwave. The next item on your list of cleaning zones. You pop open the door and oh no, it's a mess in there. And the microwave sits right above your freshly sparkling stove top. It'll be impossible to get that thing cleaned without dropping messy flakes onto the stove. This. Sucks.

It's 2014 now. Let's consider these mistakes old news - soooo 2013. This year we think before we clean. We take it from the top! Dust the ceiling molding before you vacuum the floor, clean the insides of your cabinets before you wipe down the counters (assuming the insides of your cabinets need to cleaned), wipe down your fridge one shelf at a time starting from the top.

Here, watch this video so you can see how it's done. I teamed up with my sister and Bassnectar for this one. Enjoy!

Takin' It from the Top