Why Microfiber is Amazing

When I say 'micro,' you say 'fiber.' MICRO! Microfiber is a magical material, if I may. Unlike paper towels and cotton rags which tend to smudge or spread dirt, microfiber grabs dirt and slurps it up, storing it deep within itself until the cloth is laundered. For this reason, you can avoid using chemicals and harsh cleaners when using microfiber rags. The material works extra hard so you can avoid the chemicals and still conquer dirt! If that ain't enough, microfiber is also super absorbent, is lint-free and non-abrasive. Wait for it...wait for it...it's also affordable! At less than a dollar per cloth, there's really no reason to use anything else. At the risk of sounding overly obsessed, I will go on to tell you yet another fantastic thing about microfiber. IT'S GREEN! The cloths last hundreds of washing cycles and keep going and going without causing harm to our mama, Gaya.

Microfiber is best when used damp, so before you clean your surfaces, give it a spritz. Again, there's no need to use any chemical cleaners and water will do a great job. If you're using the microfiber to dust (it's amazing at that too!), there's no need to use any water. The cloth alone will grab the dust and leave your surfaces shinin'!

I shall provide you with a link so you can purchase these babies PRONTO: