How to: Swiss Army Knife

I carry my Swiss Army Knife with me wherever I go. Kidding kidding. I wish I were that hardcore. But it has come with me on many adventures - together we've cut up mangoes on the beach, given me haircuts, sharpened sticks to turn them into 'spears,' and sawed wood for campfires. But it hasn't been without a price. The knife gets dirty and needs to be cleaned every so often. If you've never cleaned your Swiss Army Knife, you probably need to. Here's how: - Carefully open up all of the parts of the knife (come on now, I know you do this for fun on Saturday nights).

- Make sure to take out the smaller pieces on the side of the knife (usually the toothpick, pen, or tweezer - or all three if you're that hardcore).

- Boil a pot with enough water to cover the knife comfortably.

- Drop the knife (still all opened up) into the boiling water for about 45 seconds to a minute.

- Carefully take the knife out of the pot. Warning: it's going to be hot so I suggest using a pair of tongs.

- Once the knife has cooled down, use a toothbrush or Q-tip to get into all of the cracks and hard-to-reach spots.

- Use a rag to wipe down the knives, blades, and wire stripper (does anyone actually use that one?). Make sure it's really dry to avoid rusting.

- Add a drop of oil by the hinges to keep it opening and closing smoothly.

TADA! Now you're good to go on any adventure. Get out there and save lives! Build homes in the middle of the forest!