How to: Stay Tidy in a Snowstorm

New York City is covered in snow! Watching the snow come down yesterday was lovely and Instagram's #snow #nyc was ubiquitous. But alas, now we're left with an icy, dirty mess. The once shining white streets and sidewalks are layered in brown muck. But instead of curling up into a ball, praying I can animorph into a hibernating bear until the Spring, I will take action! I will stay tidy despite nature's disarray. Here are some methods for remaining clean and neat in a snowstorm. 1) The Stomp. This move not only makes you look like a hip-hop junkie, it keeps snow from creeping into the deep crevices of your shoes. Before you enter your house, stomp it out! Get as much snow as you can off of your shoes and therefore out of your house. If you're a real thrill-seeker, employ the stomp any time you see snow on your shoes. You can be the seemingly-aggressive, yet innocent and super fly person walking the streets. People will wonder what prompted such a fantastic move and will most likely follow suit.


2) Lift Up Those Windshield Wipers. My dad taught me this handy trick when I was just a young girl. Prepare yourself for the impending snowstorm by giving your windshield wipers a vertical lift. This will make cleaning the windshield a whole lot easier and guarantee that those wipers don't get frozen down. It may require running out to the car in the cold, but it's worth it.


3)  Prepare your entryway. Bring over a stack of towels, rags or newspapers. Make sure that your entrance vestibule is prepped for your return home and that you won't have to run through your house dripping wet to grab some towels. Shoes come off as soon as you walk in and should be placed directly onto whatever soaking device you've prepared. DIRECTLY ON, I say. The same goes for your shovel. Either keep that bad boy outdoors or put him on a mat or towel inside your home.

photo (33)

4) Keep track of your snow-cessories. There's nothing more sad than a lone glove (unless, maybe, a lone sock). When you rip off those layers, keep them together. Gloves enter coat pockets immediately (unless they need to dry. In which case they enter coat pockets as soon as that happens.), hats get stored in sleeves or hoods until used again and scarves get hung up or also stuffed into sleeves. Consider all of your snow accessories a family and keep them together. They love each other.

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5) Soak your hot cocoa mug while you sit by your fireplace. If you don't feel like washing your recently emptied hot cocoa mug right away because you've got your eyes on that fireplace, that's fine! Just make sure you add some water to the mug after you place it into your sink. Hot cocoa get crusty. Crusty means harder to wash. Harder to wash is avoidable.

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Now let it snow, baby!