How to: Shine Shoes

I shined my shoes last week and I haven't stopped admiring them since. They look brand-spanking-new! All shiny and smooth and scuff-free. This is totally my new obsession. Since my shoe shining knowledge only scratches the surface, I had a chat with Byron, my local shoe repair professional who knows everything about shoes, leather and the perfect shine. I learned a few things and was totally inspired by his knowledge and kindness. Byron's family has been in the shoe repair business for generations so he's been learning the trade since he was a young boy. There's not a shoe-related question in the world that this guy can't answer. He broke down the shining process for me (which is super easy and FUN) and gave me some tips. Here goes:

- There are loads of brands out there for shoe shine, but Byron recommends the Meltonian brand. This is a creme (as opposed to a wax) and will moisturize the leather so it doesn't crack or dry out. It comes in lots of different colors so you shouldn't have a problem matching that of your shoes.

- Once you purchase the shoe shine, go home and lay out some newspaper on the floor to protect it from any potential disasters. It's also a good idea to put on gloves in order to keep those hands clean.

- Take the laces out of your shoes so you can get into all of the cracks and crevices without hitting the laces and making a big ol' mess.

- Apply the shoe shine creme with a soft rag or horsehair brush. "Buff it, buff it, buff it for a really nice shine," Byron told me.

- Give the creme about ten minutes to dry before putting the laces back in wearing the shoes.

- Make sure to admire your shiny shoes endlessly and show them off to all of your friends and family. Byron suggests a weekly shining session if you wear your shoes often. I agree because shiny = tidy.

Happy shining!

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