How To: Organize Wrapping Paper Goodies

Holiday time! We all know that giving presents usually means receiving some in return, so get wrapping those gifts. If your present-infused holiday has passed (mine has), you're hopefully left with lots and lots of gifts. And if you're not selfish, you're probably also left with lots of extra wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and other supplies.  If you don't celebrate any holidays, that sucks I still suspect you have some wrapping paper and what nots in your life. So here are some clever ways to get these goods organized and make sure they're left intact for the next time you need them. Tidy Tova's birthday is on February 1st. Just saying.

70dfb26118020419bc55cfb4eb28c11eIf you have a couple of walls to devote to wrapping paper storage (either inside a closet or tucked away in a corner), using a magazine organizer and an Ikea plastic bag holder works really well to hold everything in place. You can create categories and divvy up the bags by size or occasion. One of the organizers can be used for the leftover supplies like bows, ribbons, tape and scissors.


If you have the back of a door to use as a storage hub, wire rack organizers will keep the supplies in place. Space them out according to what will be stored on each shelf. For the wrapping paper, hang the shelf lower and construct a string or wire to hold the tops in place and allow for easy opening and access.


If you don't have too many supplies or a good area to store them all, this bin from the container store is a great option for storage. It's large enough to hold numerous rolls of wrapping paper and you can keep the other supplies in there too (don't forget to contain the bows or ribbons in a plastic bag before putting them in there!). With an opening at the top, it's easy to access all of the supplies and the hassle of moving around the entire container is limited.

Get ready, set get, get wrapping, and then get organized! If that's not the best way to celebrate a holiday, I don't know what is .