How To: Not Lose Your Keys

Did you know that we humans spend about a year of our lives searching for items we know we own? A YEAR! ONE WHOLE YEAR! How often do you search around your home for your keys? How desperately do wish that you can just call them, silence your entire household, listen for a ring and then locate them without calling a search party or wasting precious moments of your life? Keys. They're so important yet so...small. And easy to lose. But until these guys become obsolete, we have no choice but to keep track of them. To guard them with our lives because without them we risk homelessness, hefty locksmith fees or window smashing. Take a vow to keep track of your keys from now on. I promise you won't regret this promise. I'll give you some pointers on how to avoid losing your keys and thereby improve your LIFE. Insert key pun here.

ALWAYS hang them up upon entering. Get into the habit of opening the door and then placing the keys on a key hook. Keeping this hook by your door will also remind you to grab them on your way out. Make sure the hook is specifically key-friendly and avoid hanging other shenanigans on it. Respect the keys, yo! Here are some of my faves:


1. Key Pete Magnetic Holder; Amazon 2. Happy Hookers His and Hers; ebay 3. Neo Magnetic Hooks; Container Store 4. Key Hook Rack; Anthropolgie

Allocate a key pocket in your bag or jacket. Consistently place the keys in that pocket when you leave your home. Try not to let your keys slip to the unreachable, uncharted area at the bottom of your bag. They will get swallowed up. You will have to fish around your bag when all you want to do is open your front door and raid your fridge.

Give an extra set to your neighbor or buy a key-hiding rock. All realists know that there comes a time in a man's life that he forgets his keys. Instant stomach ache. If your neighbors aren't total creeps, the extra set of keys that you give them will probably come the rescue. If you have a garden, you can hide an extra set in a rock which is not only practical, but incredibly sneaky and badass.

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Make a friendly sign for yourself. Make it somewhat aggressive (by adding multiple "!!!") if you're a chronic key-forgetter or key-loser. Using a Post-It Note reminder is a good way to train yourself to get into a good habit. Once you feel like you've changed your behavior and have been putting those keys where they belong, you can take down the note and pat yourself on the back. This is real footage from my grandmother's house.