How to: Keep your Car Tidy

Business trip! I'm out in LA visiting family exploring tidiness on the West Coast. I took a tour through Beverly Hills, pumped some iron on Muscle Beach and explored the Getty Museum. I must say - they really keep this place clean. Stars, they're just like Tidy Tova. Besides for the beautiful weather and laid-back lifestyle, I specifically noticed an abundance of fancy cars in these parts. Ferraris, Maseratis, and Bentleys parked in driveways and cruising down the freeways. Oolala! All of the glitz and glamor got me thinking about overall car tidiness and how to stay clean even when you're crammed in your Ferrari. After all, those fancy cars don't seem too roomy. Get those engines revved up, here are some tips for staying tidy on the road:

Your car is not your home, don't treat it like it is. (If your car is your home, you can get some tidy tips here.) When you leave your car, make sure you take your things with you. Don't leave belongings, work gear and clothing behind. It won't find its way into your home on its own and it will only start building up and leaving a mess in your car. And don't you dare try to hide things in the trunk. That counts as part of your car, you sneak.

Leave a garbage bag somewhere in the car. And change it often. Just like in your home, all trash should end up in a garbage bag. Your car is not a dumping ground and to be honest, it's bizarre to think that throwing trash on your car floor is acceptable (furreal. Think about it.). Leave a bag of bags (produce bags are great because of their size) in the back-of-the-seat pocket and change the garbage bag every time you stop at a gas station or come back home.

Hide dryer sheets under the seats. Impress your carpool with your car's fresh scent by sticking dryer sheets under the seats. Change them once every two weeks to keep things smelling delic!

Get a carwash! If you want to save some money, make a solution with some soap and warm water and use a large, soft sponge. Get out your bathing suit, work up a sudsy scrub with the mixture and have a water fight as you wash the bubbles off! If you're not looking to save money (necessarily), don't forget to insist the car wash folks let you sit inside the car as it gets cleaned - and enjoy the part where the spaghetti sponges come out, it's my favorite.

Clean up crumbs with a lint roller. Every time your car gets crumby (how was that muffin?), give it a quick sweep with a lint roller. It's way easier than trying to lug in your vacuum and it does the trick just right.

Safe journeys, my friend. Don't forget to wear a seatbelt! And check out these wheels.

photo (18) photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)Photo and cooperation credit to: Yosef, Nessia and Neeli