Bathroom Must-Haves

You have a toilet in your bathroom, right? I bet you also have a sink in there. I'll even go out on a limb and guess that there's a shower or bathtub too. Am I right? Of course I am. These things make your bathroom a bathroom. It ain't just any old room. You may have a more deluxe bathroom. With gadgets like medicine cabinets, towel racks, or two sinks (extra extra deluxe). But there are some essential items that every bathroom has. Let's focus on the basics here. Like the toilet, sink, and shower/bath, there are a few cleaning necessities that every bathroom should have. Items that will keep your bathroom in shape and make sure you don't leave it feeling more dirty than you did before entering it. Here we go...

1) A toilet brush! This one won't even cost you more than a dollar. If you don't clean your toilet bowl at least once a week, it will develop a ring around the water line. Not cute. And if you go months without cleaning your toilet bowl, that ring turns into a large, ugly, toilet monster. You don't want to see that happen.

2) A shower caddy. The water left on your shampoo or conditioner bottles can turn into mold and transfer onto your shower floor/bathtub ledge. This leaves a nasty gunk in your shower that is unleashed when you lift up your shampoo bottle. Again, not pleasant. But a shower caddy will solve this problem. Keeping the bottles suspended on the caddy allows them to dry properly and will eliminate the mold issue. It also keeps all of your products more organized and from falling around. Don't drop the soap, kids.

3) Cleaning wipes. Unfortunately, bathroom surfaces get dusty and dirty very quickly. Too quickly, if you ask me. To be honest, they need to be cleaned daily. That's right, daily. Counter tops, floors, and toilet seats are all prone to germs and dirt. But no worries! Wipes like these will provide a quick-fix. Hold you over until you can give your bathroom a good, thorough cleaning.

4) A bathtub scrubber. These are underrated. But again, they are a necessity. Using a spray and paper towel won't do the trick. Like your toilet (you still feeling haunted by those daunting visuals I created?), your bathtub can also develop a ring around edge. And if you let it build up, it becomes increasingly darker and harder to clean. If you don't have a tub and only have a shower, you are NOT SAFE. Shower walls and tiles can become moldy too. So it's imperative to have a good sponge to keep them clean. Personally, I favor these scrub sponges. Use them with some upper arm strength, and your shower/bathtub will stay clean. 

Now go make sure you have these four items. Or else I'll steal your toilet.