5 Ways to Remember to Bring a Tote

Have you done it again? You know, arrived at the supermarket only to realize that you forgot to bring your tote again. Gosh, and it's day three of your better-the-planet journey, isn't it? You'll have to justify packing up those groceries in plastic bags by swearing to yourself that you'll repurpose them. And you will! But here are a few ways to remember to bring a tote next time. 1) Keep a tote by your door or in your car. This way it will be super hard to miss it on the way out and you'll most probably remember to give it a grab. Hook a tote near your door, by your coat or keep a couple in your car (if that's your mode of transportation).

2) Put a temporary Post-It note on your door. It'll serve as a clear reminder until you've gotten securely in the habit of remembering a tote. At that point you can take it down and consider yourself a pro.

photo 1 (11)

3) Make a note on your shopping list. Remember: BIG, BOLD LETTERS.

4) Attach a label to your keys. When you grab them you'll think "what is this note on my key?" And then BAM! You'll read it and see that it's a gentle reminder to bring a tote. Mission accomplished.

  photo 2 (10)

5) Keep a super-small tote in your bag. One of these can fit anywhere so keep one in your bag and you'll be so excited every time you use it.

Or you can try to condition yourself to see my sweet face every time you're about to go grocery shopping. That face is telling you to remember a tote so respect it.