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I'm a lover of all things tidy. As a kid, I would beg my friends to help me dump out their closets, get rid of things they no longer wanted, and put everything back in an organized fashion. Years later, as a Professional Organizer, I do the same with my clients and prove to them that tidiness is a way of life that anyone can achieve. Helping others get organized and gain control of their physical belongings has been a dream come true. I work with all ages from 6 to the elderly. No job is too big or small; you can't scare me!

In addition to organizing, I share my tips and knowledge through words and exclamation points and have been featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessElle, Huffington PostGlamour and much more. I would love to be the star at your next corporate event, meet up group or birthday party.

Let's get tidy!